RT3181remote drive
1.Model No.:BK-TWFTL472054949.
2.Product standards:WPC1.2.2(QI)
3.Adapter input:5V/1.5A
4.Charging frequency:100-200 KHZ
5.Charging distance:3-5mm
7.PCB-A size:L33.56*W20.56*H0.8mm
PCB-B size:L19.88*W18.44*H0.8mm

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1、Product characteristics 

Wireless charging receiver supports WPC1.2.2 (QI) induction standard.Integrated synchronous rectification switch, RT3181-A11 Work conversion efficiency is 70%-75 %.The temperature is 1A/5V-60.High accurate receiving power to calculate FOD function, through CE/FCC certification.

· super compact design for smart phones and other consumer electronics (such as smart wearable products).

· highly integrated, without external IC components, optimize BOM costs.

· support all standard wireless charging TX plates.


2、 indicator light working status

A.The first green light is always bright:energization

B.The second green light is always bright:Charging

C.Normally on a red light:failure