1.Model No.:GMO-WCT0510T-D.
2.Product standards:WPC1.1 (QI)
3.Adapter input:5V/1A-1.5A
4.Adapter output:5V/500mA-1000mA
5.Charging frequency:100-200 KHZ
6.Charging distance:4-6mm
8.Product size:5.2*6.3cm
9.The product weight:23g

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1、Product introduction

A wireless charger is a device that USES the electromagnetic wave induction principle to charge, which is similar to a transformer. In the sending and receiving end, there is a coil connected to the wired power supply to generate an electromagnetic signal. The receiver coil induces the electromagnetic signal on the transmitter to generate the current to recharge the battery.

The product is equipped with the interface of the external connector for power supply, and the LED lamp is out when standby, and the LED light is on when charging. The maximum can generate the current of 1A in the receiving coil.

2、Product characteristics

A. Power supply to the interface of the external connector.

B. small volume.

C. The LED indicator.

3. Scope of application

This product ADAPTS to all the wireless charging equipment conforming to QI standard.

4、Product appearance