1.Model No.:BK-TWWTM53535252.
2.Product standards:WPC1.2(QI)
3.Adapter input:5V-19V
4.Adapter output:5V/500mA-1000mA
5.Charging frequency:110-130 KHZ
6.Charging distance:2.5mm
8.Product size:5.2*4.7cm
9.Coil size:5.3cm*5.3cm*6.0mm

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1、 Product characteristics

a.Support QI WPC V1.2 protocol, compatible with QC2.0 fast charging.

b.Working voltage DC 5-19v.

c.The maximum emission power of 15W, is compatible with 5W WPC receiver.

d.When the working voltage is 15-19v, the transmitting power reaches 15W.

e.When the working voltage is 12-19v, the transmitting power reaches 10W.

f.When the working voltage is between 5 and 19V, the transmitting power reaches 4.5W.

g.Fast charging speed, high efficiency and high charging efficiency of 84%.

h.Standby current is small, reaching 1mA, 50mA at no-load time, when the power supply indicates green flash when standby, and the power supply indicates green and constant light when wireless charging.

i.Automatically ADAPTS the wireless charging receiver, which can automatically match the transmitting power of 5W,10W and 15W.

j.Wireless charging frequency: 110KHZ or 130KHZ.

k.With FOD detection function, the metal object can be detected before the power transmission, the red light flashing indicates that the FOD detection is abnormal.