senior hardware engineer


 1.Be able to understand the function design of electronic module and the information transmission of communication interface

2.According to industry standards and electromagnetic compatibility design principles and PCB design

 3.Complete the design of the function module in the intelligent electronic system, including the circuit principle design, PCB design, test circuit welding verification and embedded program development

Job requirements :

1.Mastering the development of 51 Series MCU

2.Familiar with serial port, SPI, I2C and other interface technology, the MCU driver peripheral chip work experience

3.Proficient in STM32 series development

4.Mastering the design of 4 layer PCB board

5.Welding ability of SMD components

6.To rectify the CE FCC certification

Sales Representative


1.Age: 22~35 years old

2.Education: college degree or above, major in electronics or related field (major in mechatronics, electronics, electronics is preferred

3.Strong sense of responsibility, full of passion and passion for work, the courage to face the pressure, and actively looking for solutions

4.Good psychological quality and good communication skills and coordination ability, team work spirit

5.Good planning, strong execution, good at thinking, summarize and improve, can take charge as chief of

Job requirements:

1.Responsible for product sales and promotion

2.Achieve sales target according to the marketing plan

3.Strong language skills, strong self-confidence

4.Good professional ethics, able to endure hardship, science and engineering background or a smart card, electronic industry experience is preferred

5.Strong learning ability, challenging spirit